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International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Alumni had successfully launched its 10th chapter in Dhaka, Bangladesh on March 21, 2009. The IIUM Alumni Bangladesh Chapter (IIUMABC) is an association of students who obtained their undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degrees in the fields of humanities, sciences and technologies from the International Islamic University Malaysia. If we look back, there were five Bangladeshi students in the first batch of IIUM starting in 1983 and until today the number of graduates is over 200 from the University. Since the beginning the Bangladeshi students and teachers on campus have contributed tremendously to the culture and diversity of IIUM. The academic excellence and merit of the Bangladeshi students have impressed all in the IIUM community. Our students have won numerous faculty, departmental and extra curricular awards at the Convocations including two Royal awards (the highest IIUM award given at convocations). Bangladeshi students have stood out as ideals amongst other students. The Bangladeshi lecturers at IIUM have made the country proud by winning best teacher awards and best research awards on a regular basis. Our graduates continue to excel in their professions at home and abroad without forgetting their obligations to the country and the people.


It should also be highlighted that the IIUM Alumni BD Chapter is a dynamic association whose membership keep increasing as new graduates return to their home country after completion of their studies. According to the information from the IIUM Admission & Record Division, currently there are 187 Bangladeshi students at the University.


The objectives of the Association are:

  • To contribute to the social development, cultural, educational activities for the country and in general for the ummah.
  • To promote the mission and vision of IIUM in Bangladesh.
  • To establish and maintain networking among IIUM graduates living in Bangladesh and abroad.
  • To establish academic institutes in due course of time to promote the model of the IIUM.
  • To collect subscriptions, fees, gift and grants to achieve the above mentioned objectives, from the members as well as well-wishers at home and abroad.